IRON MAIDEN Manager: 'Another Blazing Gig' In Boston

IRON MAIDEN's manager Rod Smallwood has checked in with the Iron Maiden Online Club (the band's official fan club) with another on-the-road update from MAIDEN's current world tour:

"Another blazing gig [in Boston, MA]. Audience were fantastic, it was almost like playing at home. l love this show and think it's the best we have ever done and that's saying something. If you think that's just manager bullshit — 'well, he would say that, wouldn't he?!' — wait 'till it's your turn to see it and eat your words!! 'Breeg' went down a storm and there were more 'Breeg' shirts in the audience than anything else. This is largely down to radio station WAAF who are one of the handful of U.S. stations who give us some support and they have been for a long time so thank you WAAF for that support. You never know but the historical ignoring of MAIDEN by U.S. radio may possibly change with 'Different World' which went to radio here last week (but don't hold your breath!) so if you live in America get calling your local rock station and hammer them to play 'Different World'!! The vid for this will go up online soon — watch out for it — it's effin 'great (cue 'well he........' etc. etc. ad nauseum) but just check it out!

"So the gig was great for me and (l think) the fans, at least those who don't bitch about 'not enough favourites' and want to hear 'Run To The Hills' all the time, but what about the band... sadly, that's a different story. On-stage sound problems spoiled it for them. Hartford was the same but we put some PA on stage to rectify it but there was a sort of whooshing bottom end feel apparently last night and Bruce couldn't hear his vocals so really had to strain. It's hard for the band to really enjoy a show irrespective of audience reaction if they find it hard to enjoy playing due to poor on stage sound. Also one of the guitars got mistuned (which l don't remember ever happening to us before) and really messed up 'The Legacy' which happens to be my favourite track. The poor roadie was distraught and most apologetic but l think he was last seen hanging from Boston bridge. But that's what these smaller earlier shows are for — get the gremlins out, get the band flowing then everyone can relax and enjoy the playing, hopefully tonight in Camden will be better. Hope so 'cos after that it's all the biggies coming up with Quebec already sold out at 10,500 and Montréal close to sellout at about 12,500 tix sold and then NY area. Can't wait to get this show into the big halls, especially eastern Canada where live probably the best and the loudest fans on earth — yes, possibly even more so than South America and southern Europe (and sometimes NY madness). Some of you may argue with this, but l tell you it's true — if you're not from Quebec or Montreal, you are just going to have to get you and more mates singing louder next time and restore some local pride!!

"Most of the band were a bit downbeat after the show but they went through all the problems with the crew straight after show. We have a good crew, they will sort it, spirits were soon lifted when we got to a very good (and we recommend it to you) bar called Foley's (would you believe the Hyatt bar closed at 12 — pathetic — don't stay there, guys) where the barman was from Warrington and a rugby league fan so we had a good chat. As to what followed, see the photos....says it all!!!

"Finally got a good sleep last night so up late, breakfast and started this. We leave about 3 for Camden so l will leave you for now. Back tomorrow hopefully with good news about our onstage sound and singing the praises of the Philly fans!!"

Check out pictures from MAIDEN's trip to the Foley's bar in Boston at


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