IRON MAIDEN Complete Basic Tracks For New CD

IRON MAIDEN producer Kevin Shirley, who is currently working with the band at a London studio on their as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2000's "Brave New World", has posted the following recording update via his web site:

"Hi folks! Tracked another IRON MAIDEN song yesterday [Monday, Feb. 3], one of [guitarist] Dave [Murray]'s, and [guitarist] Adrian [Smith] put a blistering solo down on [drummer] Nicko [McBrain]'s tune. [Bassist] Steve [Harris] couldn't make it in Thursday and Friday, so Nicko had to stay another couple of days to get his drum parts down, but he's off tomorrow — back to Florida, and so the whole album will therefore be tracked by tonight (not finished - just basic tracks). Gotta head in to the studio now, but I need to respectfully ask you again - please don't send me songs, lyrics, album art, setlists, etc. I will not pass them on to the band. If you want general studio info, e-mail the Brew at They might be able to help you, and every now and again, when the vibe takes him, [vocalist] Bruce [Dickinson] has been known to answer a question or two, if at times a little rudely! Many thanks for all the kind support and enthusiam. It is very exciting, and I'm sure it's going to be a very fulfilling experience when you get to know the album well. It's very solid and pretty deep, in my opinion! And that's all folks - later!"