IN THIS MOMENT's BRINK On Being A Woman In Metal: 'I Feel Liberated, Powered And Strong'

The Scream Queen recently conducted an interview with vocalist Maria Brink of Southern California's IN THIS MOMENT. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The Scream Queen: There are not many females in heavy metal, and with you being a woman in heavy metal, what is your interpretation of women in metal?

Maria: The numbers in women in rock 'n' roll and metal are pretty much growing a lot, which is a great thing. I think that metal music, it's an aggressive side of things, it's kind of like a way of life, kind of against the grain, and this release of things that's all built up. So, as a girl in metal and rock, I feel great, I feel liberated, powered and strong. I think it really comes down to, it doesn't matter if it's a girl or man, it's about if you have something to say, it's about the music, you know? It's like, it really doesn't matter if you're a woman, you know what I mean? As far as like, when you're laying there listening to your iPod in the dark, it's not like — it's more of an emotion in music, you know what I mean?

The Scream Queen: Was there any lyric you've written on this album that has meant the most to you?

Maria: I mean, they all have so much. "World In Flames" is pretty powerful to me, it's about waking up in the middle of the night, the whole world has ignited into flames, and I'm there alone. And it's kind of like a fear of dying alone and the whole world is burning. And it's about kind of wanting to have that one person who would just die for you, walk through flames, and be by your side; as long as you guys are together like, nothing else would matter, it doesn't matter if you're dying together, you know? So, that song is pretty profound to me, I love that song.

The Scream Queen: You seem to be very deep and passionate with everything you've shared with me. What is it, do you think, that has molded you into being that kind of person?

Maria: I think all of my experiences, I think that — I've been through so many things, I've had a really intense, crazy life, and I'm super happy now and healthy now; I've been through like, ten years of therapy and things like that. I think that all of the deep, intense things, a lot of different abuse, and all kinds of crazy stuff. I think it made me really strong and it made me learn how to appreciate every day, appreciate people in my life, so it's just another good example of sometimes bad things make us appreciate the beautiful every day.

The Scream Queen: What are some experiences people have shared with you that have stuck with you the most?

Maria: Oh, tons! I mean, we had like, a lot of people who were suicidal and said that we really gave them hope and made them want to believe in life. This one guy said he was actually going to kill himself and one of his songs came on and it really moved him. And also, this one woman's son, loved our band tons, and oh, God, it was so sad, it was a 15-year-old little boy, and he was born with half a heart, and he loved our band, he passed away. And when he passed away, they were listening to one of the songs I wrote for my son. So, it was a really special thing for them and they all got the lyrics tattooed on them and then on our last album we wrote a song for him. It was just, yeah... So there's all kinds of experiences that happen that you never even expect to come out of music, so it's like a universal theme music that brings people together.

The Scream Queen: Was there anything or any experience in your life that sparked your passion for metal?

Maria: Umm, I had a rock 'n' roll mom, and my mom was young when she had me, she was 16-17, my mother was taking me out to like, AC/DC concerts and THE ROLLING STONES at, like, five years old, six years old, and even like Tina Turner and Stevie Nicks. I think at a really young age, I was watching all this stuff, and you know, she liked QUEEN, she liked BLACK SABBATH, so I think she kind of put that in me. And then I think with the life that I've led, it's not all poppy and happy, you know? So there's an emotional side to it that kind of, almost calls for a scream, you know what I mean? Because I don't scream to be like, "Yeah, you know, I'm really tough! I could fight you!" I scream 'cause it's like, emotional and I just want to like, it gets so intense, you know?

Read the entire interview from The Scream Queen.


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