IN FLAMES Frontman Says Next Album Will Arrive In 2014

Vocalist Anders Fridén of Swedish metallers IN FLAMES was interviewed on the December 14-16 edition of Full Metal Jackie's nationally syndicated radio show. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

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Interview (audio):

Full Metal Jackie: What makes IN FLAMES such a good fit on a bill with HATEBREED and LAMB OF GOD, in your opinion?

Anders: We can play with anyone; we are a metal band and we fit in with everyone. We play anywhere, with everyone. I mean, we've known those guys for a long time. We all have history together, so I think it's really cool and a very relaxed atmosphere. Last night was the first night and there was no tension, no nothing. It was awesome.

Full Metal Jackie: IN FLAMES have been on and off the road. You guys have only been to the States twice this year?

Anders: Yeah, we've been pretty busy doing Europe. We've been in America twice, but we've been pretty much touring constantly. We had a month of prior to this, but it's been a busy year.

Full Metal Jackie: Offstage, what do you think the difference is with your camaraderie with U.S. bands compared to other European bands?

Anders: We've been to America so many times and we have a lot of friends over here and we have a history with them, as I said, and we feel a bond somewhere. I believe we are pretty easygoing as people and hopefully they see that. We don't pretend like we're someone else; we are who we are and we let the music talk.

Full Metal Jackie: You guys are on the road now and everyone's always wondering about a band's activities when they travel and when they're touring. What would you say the most essential non-musical item you must have to have with you while you're on tour?

Anders: Beer. [laughs]

Full Metal Jackie: Well, beer you got anywhere you go.

Anders: Well, it is music and beer, that's what it is — that's my life. When I'm on the road, I try to get away and play golf once in a while. I love to play golf. I didn't bring my clubs this time because I thought the weather would be not as good, but I do miss them today. It would have been great to go to a course, a golf course. Apart from that, just walking around a little bit and looking at the city you're in, shopping for some vinyls. That's what me and Niclas [Engelin, IN FLAMES guitarist] did today. It was expensive but fun. [laughs]

Full Metal Jackie: It's funny because for us, you're buying what's considered an import for you.

Anders: Yeah, but in Sweden, it's so expensive.

Full Metal Jackie: You mentioned you were a golfer. Is golfing a big deal in Sweden?

Anders: I think it is. We're like 9 million [living in Sweden] and there are a half million people golfing, so I consider that a pretty big thing.

Full Metal Jackie: I've never been to Sweden. I just imagine that it's cold.

Anders: Right now it's extremely cold — it's below zero, I think. It's nice to be here.

Full Metal Jackie: Rather than write on the road, IN FLAMES seems to be more interested in enjoying the romance of being on tour, good food, good beer and good company. What about such experiences do you think will affect new music once you're back home?

Anders: I highly doubt it will affect music whatsoever. I mean, I guess you work better if you're in a good mood, somehow. It's really hard to say what affects our music, because I can't really say what we have as an influence these days anymore. When we started out, it was, like, "We want to be like our heroes," and a few albums in, I don't know anymore.

Full Metal Jackie: Obviously, you guys are still working off the last record, "Sounds Of A Playground Fading". What's the plan in terms of new music? Do you guys have anything new written or a timeline for when you're going to go back?

Anders: I wish we can write on the road but we can't. We have all the time in the world, but I don't know — too much beer to drink. We're looking into writing and recording something at the end of the next year, I think. So we're hoping to have a release in early 2014. It seems so far away, but it's not.


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