IMPELLITTERI Mainman Denies Beef With Former Singer

IMPELLITTERI leader and namesake Chris Impellitteri recently addressed the reports of a bitter split between him and former vocalist Rob Rock prior to the recording of the group's new album, System X, which features ex-RAINBOW/MSG frontman Graham Bonnet at the mike. According to Chris, "I am friends with Rob and most likely will work with him again in the future. I think the fans must understand that IMPELLITTERI needed to shake things up a bit to re-energize the band!!!! The System X record with Graham is a nice breath of fresh air!!!! When and if Rob returns it will be the same breath of fresh air!!!!!

"IMPELLITTERI will continue to make heavy metal records with the guitar in front and the vocals screaming. System X is just a nice [addition] to the IMPELLITTERI collection.


"Whoever is the singer in IMPELLITTERI will always either be loved or hated by the fans. After all Chris Impellitteri's guitar playing has always been either loved or hated.

"IMPELLITTERI stand for guitar driven metal with lots of solos and screaming vocals!!! We stick to our guns and we don't follow the trends. We are IMPELLITTERI!!"