Iceland's CHANGER: Our Journey Ends Here

Icelandic extreme metal band CHANGER has decided to break up after eight years of existence. "Uncontrollable internal circumstances drive us to this decision and we deeply regret this coming up at such a bad time — especially with the recording of our new album just around the corner," the group writes in a statement.

The band leaves behind two full-length albums, two EPs, and countless gigs both in Iceland and abroad.


CHANGER has had the privilege of supporting acts like MASTODON, CANNIBAL CORPSE, ROTTING CHRIST, SHAI HULUD, AMON AMARTH, SCARVE, HATESPHERE and countless more.

This past spring, CHANGER was the subject of a web series called "Sleepless in Reykjavik". The first episode can be viewed below. The focus of the series is Icelandic metal bands and what is happening in the Icelandic scene.

CHANGER's video for the track "Recaptured Sanity" (taken from the band's "Breed the Lies" EP) can be seen in the first episode of "Sleepless in Reykjavik" along with interviews with Egill (vocals) and Joi (guitar).