When Los Angeles media agency Heavy Metal-World (HMW) opened submissions for new artists during the 2010 holiday season, the indie outfit had some very specific goals in mind. Focused on assembling a unique approach by re-engineering the relationship between artist and record label, the company was hell-bent on crafting a common vision for success and set out to find musicians that would understand and share a passion for creativity.

Scouring the earth to find a combination of that kind of character, skill and work ethic sometimes requires looking beyond the norm. It's exactly that type of magnetic synergy which introduced unearthly beings A BAND OF ORCS to HMW's newly formed division, IME Records.

A BAND OF ORCS is literally a big bunch of gruesome, brutal, intimidating Orcs that also happen to be kick-ass musicians. If you're having a hard time digesting this concept, give it some time. But don't take too long or you may just end up the one digested as Orcs have a nasty tendency towards being hungry.

It just so happens they've also developed a strong affection for composing and performing heavy metal music, a combination that only the head-banging population could embrace, encourage and endorse.

Now, some might challenge whether or not non-humans could interact or even exist among our kind. Not only do they exist but they've found a welcome, new home within the cave of Itchy Metal Entertainment, recently joining as the latest signees of the Los Angeles-based record company.

"A BAND OF ORCS delivers the perfect combination of performance and chemistry to our roster of new artists," states Ed Fassio, President of IME Records and VP of A&R for Heavy Metal-World. "Drama, theatrics, characterization and brutality — these are core ingredients we wanted for our label and this band does NOT disappoint. This is skillfully accurate death metal delivered through larger-than-life manifestations: Orcs, heavy metal and pure genius."

As mentioned, the ORCS' musical preference is VERY heavy metal. But one might inquire as to how they acquired this taste. Hence, the official story as told by their manager, Gruesom Grimp:

"In December of 2006, a group of young nerds playing Dungeons & Dragons inadvertently summoned the monstrous Orcs into your realm by rolling dice on a 'Random Encounter Table.' Unfortunately for them, they encountered A BAND OF ORCS, who reacted with all of the inappropriate violence that you might expect from such savage warriors. The Orcs' world changed forever, though, when they heard the demonic sounds of SLAYER coming from downstairs. Enchanted with this new form of noise they forced the amateur guitarist they unearthed there to teach them how they could generate such sounds. They spared his life, and he gave them the materials they needed to make metal into magic."

With critically acclaimed releases such as their debut EP "WarChiefs of the Apocalypse" and their Fuse TV-promoted video "Into the Maelstrom", A BAND OF ORCS has already made significant impact within music, film and radio circles.

Known for their theatrical live performance, the Orcs have also shared stage with Bay Area action-adventure-hardcore legends ARNOCORPS, European death metallers MASTER, Canadian power-houses 3 INCHES OF BLOOD (remember their 2003 epic challenge to all orcdom "Destroy the Orcs"?), as well as nationals DEICIDE and SKINLAB. Venturing outside of metal into the hardcore punk scene, they've also played with BATTALION OF SAINTS in San Diego.

As it states on their official website: "A BAND OF ORCS want nothing less than to become Metal Gods in your puny human realm. As such they crave praise and glory on the road. We would be honored for the opportunity to assault your puny human ear-drums to secure apotheosis for A BAND OF ORCS as deities in the Metalverse."

And Itchy Metal Entertainment is here to help them do just that.


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