HALLOWS EVE: 'History Of Terror' Box Set Details Revealed

Metal Blade Records will release a deluxe box set by the acclaimed '80s Atlanta thrashers HALLOWS EVE, entitled "History of Terror", on March 10. This box set includes all three of the group's Metal Blade albums (all remastered!), piles of bonus material and a bonus DVD (with a playing time of 200-plus minutes!). Liner notes will be included as well.

"History of Terror" track listing:

Disc 1:

"Tales Of Terror" (remastered)

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01. Plunging To Megadeath
02. Outer Limits
03. Horrorshow
04. The Mansion
05. There Are No Rules
06. Valley Of The Dolls
07. Metal Merchants
08. Hallows Eve (including Routine)

28:29 min

"Death & Insanity" (remastered)

09. Death And Insanity
10. Goblet Of Gore
11. Lethal Tendencies
12. Obituary
13. Plea Of The Aged
14. Suicide
15. D.I.E.
16. Attack Of The Iguana
17. Nefarious
18. Nobody Lives Forever
19. Death And Insanity (Reprise)

40:26 min

Rehearsals June 1984

20. The Mansion
21. Metal Prisoners (WARRIOR)

06:34 min

Total: 75:29 min

Disc 2:

"Monument" (remastered)

01. Speed Freak
02. Sheer Heart Attack (QUEEN)
03. Rot Gut
04. Monument
05. Pain Killer
06. The Mighty Decibel
07. The Righteous Ones
08. No Sanctuary

37:32 min

Rehearsals May 1984

09. Scream In The Night (EXCITER)
10. There Are No Rules
11. Eighteen (ALICE COOPER)
12. Hallows Eve

19:30 min

1st Demo "Tales Of Terror"

13. Hallows Eve
14. Metal Merchants

12:50 min

Live 8/17/85 The Montreal Palladium, Canada

15. Nefarious
16. Horrorshow

07:56 min

Total: 77:48 min

Disc 3:

Live 9/22/85 CBGBs, NY (Soundboard Recording)

01. Plunging To Megadeath
02. Valley Of The Dolls
03. Suicide
04. Attack Of The Iguana
05. Lethal Tendencies
06. Evil Offerings (prev. unreleased)
07. The Mansion
08. Metal Merchants
09. Hallows Eve

34:32 min

LIVE 11/24/85 Essex, MD

10. Plea Of The Aged
11. Horrorshow

05:45 min

Live 11/27/85 CBGBs, NY

12. Evil Offerings (prev. unreleased)
13. The Mansion
14. Metal Merchants
15. Hallows Eve

17:47 min

Live 12/18/86 Swizzles in York, PA

16. Goblet Of Gore
17. Nefarious
18. Death And Insanity
19. D.I.E.

20:21 min

Total: 78:25 min

Disc 4 (DVD):

Live 12/5/86 (?? -87- ??) Poughkeepsee, NY

01. Pain Killer
02. No Sanctuary
03. Goblet Of Gore
04. Rot Gut
05. Monument
06. D.I.E.
07. Speed Freak
08. Drum Solo – Rob Clayton
09. The Mighty Decibel
10. Death And Insanity
11. Valley Of The Dolls
12. Metal Merchants
13. Sheer Heart Attack (QUEEN)
14. Riff Raff (AC/DC) – CUT

Live 12/12/86 Middletown, NY

15. Intro: Obituary
16. Goblet Of Gore
17. Valley Of The Dolls
18. Suicide
19. Plunging To Megadeath
20. Horrorshow
21. D.I.E.
22. Attack Of The Iguana
23. Death And Insanity
24. Lethal Tendencies
25. Plea Of The Aged
26. Metal Merchants
27. Hallows Eve

109:31 min

Live 12/18/86 York, PA

28. Goblet Of Gore
29. Nefarious
30. Valley Of The Dolls
31. Suicide
32. D.I.E.
33. Attack Of The Iguana
34. Death And Insanity
35. Lethal Tendencies
36. Plunging To Megadeath
37. Metal Merchants
38. Hallows Eve
39. Encore: Evil Offerings (prev. unreleased)

53:27 min

Live 11/18/86 New York, NY

40. Goblet Of Gore
41. Nefarious
42. Valley Of The Dolls
43. Suicide
44. Death And Insanity
45. Lethal Tendencies
46. Plunging To Megadeath
47. D.I.E.
48. Metal Merchants
49. Hallows Eve

43:46 min

Total: 206:44 min

(DVD 9) PAL / Region Code: 0


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