GUNS N' ROSES Song Played In Murder Trial As Prosecutors Try To Prove A Husband Killed His Wife

Harriet Ryan of Court TV has issued the following report:

Did Justin Barber turn to a GUNS N' ROSES tune to work up the nerve to murder his wife?

Prosecutors suggested as much at the business analyst's capital trial Wednesday when they played a recording of the band's 1988 track "Used To Love Her" for jurors. [Watch video at this location.]

The song, in which a man brags about killing his mate, was downloaded to Barber's computer just five hours before his 27-year-old wife, April, was shot dead on a deserted beach.

Barber, 33, claims a mugger attacked the couple as they strolled along the water, shooting his wife in the head and him four times in the upper body.

In a surreal moment in Judge Edward Hedstrom's courtroom, the forensic computer analyst who found the music track in deleted files on Barber's hard drive placed a laptop on the witness box and cued the song for jurors to hear.

After some introductory guitar strumming, the gravelly voice of lead singer Axl Rose echoed through the room.

"I used to love her, but I had to kill her/ I had to put her/ Six feet under/ And I can still hear her complain," he sings.

The lyrics were displayed on a large poster board in front of the jury box.

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