GOD DETHRONED Guitarist Discusses Making Of 'The Toxic Touch'

Dawn of TheMetalWeb.com recently conducted an interview with GOD DETHRONED guitarist Isaac Delahaye. An excerpt from the chat follows:

TheMetalWeb.com: Previous to this album, GOD DETHRONED had done their last two recordings at the Berno Studios with Henrik Larson, which when recording, most bands hold both with high regard. So, I'm just curious as to what made the band decide to change studios and what you think producer Jorg Uken brought to GOD DETHRONED that perhaps differ from prior recordings?

Isaac Delahaye: At the beginning of this year, we heard a demo from a local band, which sounded great and we seen that they recorded it in only a couple of days. Being the studio was only an hour away from Henri's place; we contacted Jorg and asked him to send more stuff over. After listening to everything, we checked out the studio itself and talked with Jorg about our plans to record the new album in his studio. He's a very nice and ultra-professional dude, and it wouldn't surprise me if he becomes a known producer in the future. He definitely made us play better and helped us to put the standards on a high level. He's not talking bullshit; all his comments are well-considered. We could easily go back home to forget about all the music for a while, which was impossible when we recorded in Sweden. That's also something that was refreshing. Normally I hate being in the studio, but this time it was a lot of fun.

TheMetalWeb.com: What is "The Toxic Touch" and how does that title serve as a prelude to the rest of the album?

Isaac Delahaye: The title has everything to do with the story of Mary Mallon. She lived in the early 20th century, carrying the typhoid fever virus without dying from it and being unaware of it herself. Being she worked as a nurse, she contaminated a lot of people and was convicted as a murderer. A toxic touch is something you can't prevent, and is something you're not totally aware of. Some people are suicidal, ("Hating Life"), not accepted by society ("Falling Down", "Fail To Exist"), etc. The lyrics on this album are very dark and depressing, and is the result of Henri living in the middle of nowhere, I guess. (Laughs)

TheMetalWeb.com: With "Lair of the White Worm", you entered the band when the writing end of it was completed and you unfortunately weren't able to contribute much except for a few leads here and there with the recording. How did it feel to finally be able to contribute creatively in the music as well as some of the lyrics with the new release?

Isaac Delahaye: Pretty damn good! (Laughs) As I'm writing a lot of stuff at home, going from blues to metal, I already had a shitload of riffs and parts when we started writing new songs. Of course, not all of it was suitable for a GOD DETHRONED album. But as a matter of fact, my style of writing matched perfectly with Henri's style, so we could easily put everything together without losing the GOD DETHRONED sound. On "The Toxic Touch" you can hear some new influences, because I'm more of a thrash metal guitar player, so you should blame me. (Laughs) Every GOD DETHRONED album is different. You never know what to expect. Especially when you've got a new line-up of course. This time we wanted to explore our melodic side and try to incorporate the aggression in a different way than usual, but maybe the next album will be brutal as fuck again. Who knows, Maybe this approach doesn't make us loved by the metal audience. But at least we don't get bored by doing the same thing over and over again, and we don't have to think about what people expect from us.

Read the entire interview at TheMetalWeb.com.


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