GIGANTOUR 2008: Complete Lineup Revealed

BLABBERMOUTH.NET can reveal the complete lineup for next year's Gigantour, which is scheduled to kick off mid-April and run through the end of May. It is as follows:


In other news, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message on the Gigantour forum:

"As some of you may have heard on last week's 'Rockline' with Bob Coburn, I kind of alluded to a great Japanese magazine that I love talking to called Burrrn! (not a typo) and I gave them a little taste of something about Gigantour 2008's line-up. Well, Bob asked me again about the line-up and I playfully mentioned some more 'stuff.' And although I did not actually confirm or deny it, as of yesterday, we are officially on our way! I am happy to say that yesterday I did a cover story photo-shoot with the frontmen of the other bands of this year's 'helluva line-up!' at my upcoming heavy metal festival and I think we had a pretty kewl afternoon.

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"And as Gigantour grows, it is continuing to develop the 'roll' part of 'rock and roll.' The breaking news is we are going to have five bands this year, instead of eight. The decision to drop it down from eight bands to five was based on timing, set lengths, stage sizes, unions, and most importantly allowing 'us' — the musicians — to deliver to 'you' — the fans — the best shows we can. Besides it is easier to remember five bands' and crews' worth of names than eight.

"It is pretty much not a secret anymore who the bands are, but we are still going to 'officially' announce the line-up as soon as our business partners return from the holidays, and their celebrating putting together such a great line-up this year!

"We will be announcing shortly after that when and where our Gigantour baseball game is going to happen. You may remember that for the last two years of successfully 'Gigantouring' North America, that we had played a softball game each year and gathered food for the homeless and provided meals for the shelters for delivery to homes, as well as providing our gloves and other baseball artifacts, uniforms and equipment to charity for auction. In 2005 and 2006 the charity of choice was Mr. Holland's Opus. This charity provides musical instruments for underprivileged children. We will be providing info for our choice for the baseball games charity to support this year.

"So, to the guys I met yesterday (and in some cases before) _____, _____, ___, and ______ and their management and crew from yesterdays photo shoot for Revolver, I will see you guys soon and be sure and check out what these great guitarist and bands have to say here in their chats, posts, blogs, podcasts, and video footage (if any).

"I am still hopeful that we will be able to video tape this year's Gigantour, but after the last one and the way it finished, I think that my people are not as open-minded to going through that whole ordeal again. Cross your fingers though. I always keep trying, that is why it seems like I win a lot. I do win a lot, it's just I have a lot of defeats too; and I don't dwell on them or try to let you know of them.

"We will be launching the new face of the site soon too, so stay tuned for that. And we will be announcing something that happened at the end of this year too, that will no doubt provide many new and exciting possibilities for us. I will be referring back to this post and the day 12.18 when we do make our announcement.

"Until then, I love you guys, and have a great Christmas, and Kwanzaa, and I hope that you had a great Hanukkah!"


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