Former SKINLAB Guitarist, SYSTEMATIC Bassist Join Forces In PRIMATE

PRIMATE, the San Francisco Bay Area metal band that features in its ranks guitarist Mike Roberts (ex-SKINLAB), bassist Rob Berri (ex-DECEIVED, LEVERAGE), and vocalist Chad Dinan (ex-KAGE), have parted ways with drummer Eric Ruel (ex-MOJAVE GREEN), and have added a second guitarist in the shape of former SYSTEMATIC bassist and ex-PRO-PAIN/SKINLAB axeman Nick St. Denis. A replacement drummer has already been found and is being described by Roberts as “f.cking sick!”. “We played three shows around the Bay Area [with the old line-up] and had a great response before we realized that we were heading in a different direction than our we all moved on,” Mike told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. “Now, with two guitar players and a much more compatible drummer, we've completed the the gates of hell will open and we'll all fall in happily...or whatever is supposed to happen at this point!!!... Oh yeah, and the music is scary good!!!”

PRIMATE hope to record a demo CD in the coming weeks while continuing to play out locally. For more info, write to: