Former DAATH Vocalist Slams BLABBERMOUTH.NET 'Naysayers'

Vocalist Sean Farber has issued the following statement regarding his recent departure from the Atlanta-based extreme metal outfit DAATH:

"I am posting this blog not to be impersonal, but because I've received many questions lately about what happened with DAATH and me and it is much easier to type it only once. What I say here is exactly what I've told my closest friends.

"First and foremost I'd like to say that everyone in DAATH and I are still friends and will continue to be. Mike, Eyal and I have been friends for a decade and a half and we plan on keeping it that way. Leaving DAATH was my decision. Eyal and Mike said they would like me to reconsider but understood my position which I am about to explain to everyone here.

"We all have a limited time on this sphere of possibilities. For all intensive [sic] purposes, the years I have to be viable enough to do anything with are approaching the halfway mark. I spent the early part of my life being a musician and striving to succeed as hard as possible. I feel accomplished and somewhat lucky about the opportunities afforded to me. Many talented and exceptional musicians never get to do what I have done.

"All this said, after climbing the ladder and sometimes falling off of it time and again, I have developed new interests and more goals in life. The goals I have set in my life are:

1. To be a successful musician.
2. To travel the world.
3. To sustain myself without supporting multinational corporations.
4. To open a brewery.
5. To open a restaurant.
6. To start my own religion.

"So far I have been able to accomplish three of these things (in no particular order). I need to spend the next half of my viable years completing the rest.

"So thank you for all of your concerns. I am grateful to have met a lot of you along the way, you have not heard the last of me. I wish the best for DAATH and their new singer in the future. And for the naysayers, especially the ones on Blabbermouth, please continue to entertain us all with your comments. The easiest thing to be in this world is an undereducated critic who uses not facts to make his or her judgments but emotion."

DAATH is curently seeking a new vocalist. The band is looking for a distinctive voice to augment its brutally unique sound and mirror its complex conceptual background.

DAATH is on tour with DARK FUNERAL and NAGLFAR, with longtime friend Sean Z filling in on vocal duties. The group is looking for a vocalist with versatility, a touring heart and a fervent love for all DAATH has to offer. "We don't want a one-dimensional singer, we want someone diverse with range and power," says guitarist Eyal Levi. "We like vocalists with signature diversity such as Mikael Ã…kerfeldt, Vortex, Phil Anselmo and David Vincent."

Candidates looking to apply should download vocal-free music from the links below, record their vocals and email tracks back along with full contact information and picture to the e-mail address provided at the bottom of this article. Applicants are also encouraged to complete the tracks via video and upload them to their personal YouTube pages or can submit materials from their own bands or work. DAATH will be considering entries throughout the fall and hope to announce a new vocalist by the end of the year.

Vocal-free tracks can be downloaded from the following locations:

"Cosmic Forge": Audio
"Ovum": Audio
"Subterfuge": Audio

Submissions should be sent to: [email protected]


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