Former CANDLEMASS Singer MESSIAH: 'I Never Compromise With My Music!'

Former CANDLEMASS frontman Messiah Marcolin has released the following statement regarding his departure from the group and his current activities:

[UPDATE: This statement, which was posted on the official CANDLEMASS forum, has been confirmed to be fake and was not written by Messiah. An official statement from Messiah will be released to BLABBERMOUTH.NET in early May.]


"Since there has been so many rumours regarding the reasons for me getting kicked out of CANDLEMASS, I want to give you my side of the story.

"Last summer Leif Edling [CANDLEMASS bassist/songwriter] and I had an agreement about the musical direction of the band as well as an economical settlement. I was totally prepared to record the album but in the fall something happaned. Suddenly Leif and the guys wanted to change the financial terms we had agreed on. There [was] also talk about replacing some of the songs on the album since they were not happy with the musical direction the band was taking. I was in favor of a more traditional CANDLEMASS sound while Leif and the guys were pushing for a more KRUX type [Edling's side project] of sound. With all these changes going on I didn't feel very comfortable recording the album and finally I decided not to do it. I never compromise with my music!

"I've read in some interview that Leif wanted a more 'democratic' band but how good is it when you have to make compromises in order to make everyone happy?


"Finally... Thanks for all the support you guys [the fans] have been giving me lately! I'm more inspired to sing than ever before and I hope that I can give something back to you very soon. Right now I'm involved in a exciting project called REQUIEM... Keep your eyes and ears open!"

CANDLEMASS — featuring Marcolin's replacement, Robert Lowe of SOLITUDE AETURNUS — will release its new album, "King of the Grey Islands", on June 22 through Nuclear Blast Records.

CANDLEMASS celebrated its 20th anniversary at a special concert held at Stockholm's Kolingsborg on March 31. The band performed with no less than seven (!) different vocalists at the show — including the band's former singers Johan Langquist and Tomas Vikström, plus Lowe. Check out video footage from the gig at YouTube.