Ex-TEA PARTY Drummer Joins RUSH On Film Soundtrack

Ted Shaw of the Windsor Star reports:

Jeff Burrows is still pumped about getting the chance to play drums with Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee of RUSH.

Last month, the ex-TEA PARTY drummer joined Lifeson and Lee to record a song for the new "Trailer Park Boys" movie, "The Big Dirty".

"When they called me about it, I was in Vancouver working on my new band," said Burrows, 38. "How could I say no?"

RUSH is a Canadian rock icon and a primary source of inspiration to Burrows growing up in Windsor and LaSalle. "That was the band that convinced me I wanted to be a rock musician," he said.

The song they did was the often-covered "I Fought The Law", by the BOBBY FULLER FOUR. What could Burrows and two-thirds of RUSH bring to it that others like THE CLASH and GREEN DAY couldn't?

"It's got a real RUSH feel to it because of Lifeson's guitar," he said.

Burrows was asked to play because Neil Peart was unavailable. Also called in to help were Adam Gantier of THREE DAYS GRACE, Ian Thornley, and singer Care Failure, of Toronto thrash band DIE MANNEQUIN. The band calls itself THE BIG DIRTY BAND after the title of the movie, and there will be select live dates after the CD is released in October.

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