Ex-MEGADETH Bassist: MUSTAINE Not Being Inducted Into ROCK HALL With METALLICA Is 'A Travesty'

Former MEGADETH/ICED EARTH bassist James MacDonough has posted the following message on his MySpace page:

"A few words and my own two cents...about myself, playing with MEGADETH and a couple of topics in the news.

"First off, this is not to upset anyone or ask for your own comments. There's just a couple things I'd like to clear up and also to stick up for someone I used to think of as a brother.

"I'm sorry I haven't updated my MySpace page for so long but frankly, there's been nothing to report. I needed to take a much needed hiatus from the 'business' as well as taking necessary time for my personal life.

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"Thanks for all the messages and kind comments over the last three years my friends. It has meant a lot to me, more than you'll ever know.

"It takes a certain type of mentality to deal with all the drama and the lifestyle that you have to lead in being in the bizz; yeah it's a four-letter word, alright. I didn't handle it well towards the end, even when doing a couple of smaller tours with friends. I was 'broken,' feeling like I put two and half decades into playing, ending up with a torn soul. I looked at all the superficialness and that was it for me, for a while.

"Don't get me wrong, I take none of it for granted and consider myself very fortunate to do the things I was able to. It was truly an honor playing for such a pioneering band. I thank Dave [Mustaine] for showing and teaching me so many things, and for having the honor of playing his music in front of so many fans around the globe.

"On that note, I want to say that James [Lomenzo] ([MEGADETH's] current bassist) is a way better fit for the band. I never did feel that comfortable playing with a pick; it made me feel awkward and could never quite be myself, it seemed. Something felt always off. I played with my fingers for 21 years then jumped like that to a different style and just couldn't quite get it. Sure, with the slower stuff it was OK, but it takes years to apply a technique efficiently and I don't think I had that. I knew that I wasn't as good as I should have been; in other words. I did it with a passing grade but wasn't up to par in my book.

"Enough about that shite. I really enjoyed playing and hanging with the Drovers [Shaun and Glen Drover; drummer and ex-guitarist of MEGADETH, respectively]; those guys seriously kick ass.

"I've been meaning to write this for a loooooooong time but something I read on Blabbermouth, actually, prompted me to finally do it. It addresses the issue of METALLICA getting inducted into the [Rock and Roll] Hall Of Fame.

"Like I said, this is my very humble opinion and my own two cents. Not many people will read this anyway so [who gives a fuck?!].

"First off, I have to say that METALLICA's new album is the best one since '...And Justice For All' when they totally drowned out the bass.....[what the fuck!?!?].

"Robert [Trujillo] is one my favorite bass players. I'm glad he gets to do a long solo live, showing off what he's capable of. You guys know what I'm talking about; well, some of you from the older days.

"This is about the induction to the [Rock and Roll] Hall of Fame. There's more to the story, but it's not my place to say, but Dave [Mustaine] is showing a hell of a lot more dignity than anyone really knows. I'm talking about him taking this all in stride, as far as the press is concerned.

"Not inducting him in as one of the founding members is a travesty. There's so much material he wrote, even the solos they used. He deserves more credit than that.

"About 'Some Kind of Monster': you can do just about anything when you edit something the right way.

"I have so much deep respect for both bands but tend to speak out when I see pure injustice like this. I feel I can, because I was in the band a short while and kinda feel obligated about certain things. I'm pretty sure I know how Dave feels, but again, can't speak for him either.

"I'll end this with, just listen to [METALLICA's early demo] 'No Life til Leather'.

"As for myself... mmm, well, I've been playing a lot lately, and enjoying it again. I've gotten heavily involved in martial arts and my life has changed dramatically in many aspects. I have my own business here in [British Columbia, Canada] and am starting to teach. I've been approached a few times for projects but my head wasn't where it needed to be and declined, or just didn't like the music, hah. I haven't pursued anything but am ready to get back out there and be the finger player I always was. I miss the music, the stage, and the crazy fans."


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