English-Language Edition Of MAX CAVALERA's Autobiography Due In April

English-Language Edition Of MAX CAVALERA's Autobiography Due In April

The English-language edition of "My Bloody Roots: From Sepultura To Soulfly And Beyond", the autobiography of Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, SEPULTURA, NAILBOMB), will be made available on April 15 through Jawbone Press.

The official description reads as follows: "'My Bloody Roots' is the brutally honest story of life in two of the world's best-known heavy metal bands, SEPULTURA and SOULFLY, by one of the global metal scene's most respected musicians. Much, much more than just another tale of rock'n'roll debauchery, it's a story of heartbreak and loss-and, ultimately, triumph. In it, Cavalera offers an unflinching account of life growing up in hardship in Brazil a country not previously known for heavy metal and the multi-million-selling success, against all odds, of the band he founded with his brother, Igor: SEPULTURA. Then, for the first time, he reveals the full story behind his split with the band after which he did not speak to his brother for years and the formation of his band SOULFLY, one of the most critically and commercially successful metal bands of the past two decades. He also goes into unflinching detail on the devastating impact of the deaths of his father, stepson, and grandson; his struggles with drugs and alcohol; and his eventual reunion with Igor in CAVALERA CONSPIRACY. Max Cavalera has a unique and extraordinary story to tell, and 'My Bloody Roots' is an autobiography like no other. This is essential reading for all fans of metal."

In a recent interview with Sweden's Metalshrine Max Cavalera was asked what made him write his autobiography now.

"Well, it was an idea that kinda came out of nowhere, actually," Max replied. "I thought it was a good time for it because of what happened with the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. What happened was that the notebook that I wrote SEPULTURA on for the first time, the schoolbook, we actually donated it to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland and they displayed it together with Dimebag's [PANTERA] guitar and a bunch of stuff from other metal bands. I think that kinda led to the idea of now being a good time to do a book. I came all this way from being a kid in Brazil to be part of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. That's a huge journey, but you're right. There's a lot more to be done and the story will continue for many more years, but we just felt that it would be good to tell the story right now and we had Joel McIver, who's a really good writer. He approached us and offered to write the book for us and we saw what he'd done. I read parts of his METALLICA book, the Randy Rhoads book and the MOTÖRHEAD one and I really like how Joel writes. We started working on it and it's out in Brazil, finally, and it will be out in the rest of the world in [early] 2014. It's a very cool book with cool stories and a lot of great people involved. Dave Grohl [FOO FIGHTERS] wrote an amazing introduction. People in Brazil are really digging it. It was a good time for it now. I'm 44 and let's just see what happens from now on."

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Regarding whether he sat down with Joel and or whether the interviews were done mostly via phone or Skype, Max said: "We did most of it over the phone, but I sat down with Joel twice. We were touring a lot, but he came to two of the shows and we sat down during the day and we talked a lot. But a lot of it was done by phone. It was like an hour-and-a-half phone calls and three times a week. It was horrific and I did not look forward to them. It was, like, 'Oh no, the phone call's coming!' and I had to try and remember everything that happened during all these years. It was like therapy sessions."

Max was also asked if there were things Joel brought up that Max had forgotten about. "Yeah," Max replied. " He was trying to get as much as possible. We ended up forgetting a couple of things, which is really amazing to me. For example, SEPULTURA toured with the RAMONES and that's not in the book. Incredible that I left that I forgot about that. How could I? [laughs] It was just too many stories, too many things, but that's why it's so cool that Gloria [Max's wife and manager] has her blog that tells all these other stories that are not in the book. The making of the book was a long, long process and I think it took about three years all together. Gloria found a lot of cool pictures. There's pictures of my grandfather and pictures of my great grandmother, who was an Indian, so there's a really cool picture of her. Then there's pictures of us as kids in Brazil and my mom and my dad and our teenage years and SEPULTURA. You see the whole madness developing. It's really cool."



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