EARTH CRISIS Guitarist: 'We Knew We Would Play Together Again'

EARTH CRISIS guitarist Scott Crouse was recently interviewed by Justin M. Norton of Crouse discussed the band's comeback; the upcoming album, "To The Death" and how EARTH CRISIS plans to keep its shows physically intense. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. How did EARTH CRISIS get back together after separating in 2001? How are all of you different than when the band parted ways?

Scott Crouse: When we stopped, it wasn't for the reason that most bands quit. Usually it's a falling out or musical differences. We had just been doing it for 10 years and things like family and other career goals were being neglected. So we just decided to end it while things were good and let everyone pursue other ideas. When we look back on it, the smarter thing to do would have been a hiatus, because in the back of our minds we knew we would play together again. We're pretty much the same people, but there may be other things on the table; people have families and different responsibilities and careers. But for the most part we are the same guys we were eight or nine years ago. With global warming an increasing threat and even things like drinkable water not a given for people anymore, do you feel like the things EARTH CRISIS warned about are coming to pass? And given that do you ever consider your fight futile?

Scott Crouse: It's definitely more undeniable. Most people care about things like the environment and our resources being tapped out than when we first started. These were controversial topics when we started in the early '90s. The average person now sees the irresponsible footprints humans have been making on the earth. When you are involved with any struggle you go through a point wondering if it's worth it and if anyone listens. But you have to look at the positive things that have happened. If you look at all the accomplishments, like animal rights have really come to the forefront. In the last five or six years people have also started to notice the environment and hopefully it's not too late. Was there ever talk of bringing EARTH CRISIS back before this given the widespread dissatisfaction with America's political and social direction during the Bush years?

Scott Crouse: We'd been talking about it for years. About three years after we broke up we talked about doing a record or playing a couple of shows. It was just one of those things we didn't get around to until 2007. In hindsight a hiatus would have been the proper way to go rather than an "OK, guys, we're done." With Karl's frequent appearances on television and the band always lumped in as the prime example of straight-edge ideology in music do you ever worry that the music is overlooked for the message?

Scott Crouse: Sometimes it can be frustrating. Karl and I had a conversation about that recently. He was telling me that he met someone while he was on tour with his other band FREYA who said they just read his lyrics and didn't care for EARTH CRISIS. Karl writes all of lyrics and I'm responsible for a lot of the music. You wish that people would be into both but that's not realistic. There is a core group of people where it's a perfect marriage. Then there are some people who only appreciate the heavy music or Karl's lyrics. In a lot of ways we're fortunate to have both. Were you ever uncomfortable with being straight-edge messengers instead of just musicians or did you expect that considering your stance?

Scott Crouse: We knew from day one that it was something we wanted to push with our music. The misconception was that we started as a message first and then formed a band around it. That's not the case. We are musicians first and foremost. We just decided to incorporate our ideals and viewpoints. Everyone in the band knew that we'd be wearing this on our sleeves. It hasn't always been an easy path and there are people who do not want to hear this message and have fought us physically and verbally. Everyone in the band knew what we were getting into.

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