DORO PESCH Talks 30th Anniversary In Metal, Future Plans

Peter Lindblad of Powerline recently conducted an interview with German metal queen Doro Pesch. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Powerline: Do you think the material off "Raise Your Fist" was well received?

Doro: Yes, yeah. It was great. And you know, it was great, and I think it fit right in with all the classic songs. What is this, record No. 17? Yeah, it mixed in really good and "Raise Your Fist" … actually, it reminds me of "All We Are" and it made people so happy, and I always asked them to show me your fists before we played the song, and oh, it was so great. So "Raise Your Fist In The Air" was definitely one of the highlights. And "Revenge" was especially for people who like old-school metal, and there was a lot of metal in that and everybody was headbanging. And one of my favorite songs, "Hero", I sang it every night, and I dedicated it to Ronnie James Dio, who I loved so much. And that was definitely one of the highlights. And then every night we played different songs off the new album. Sometimes we’d put in "Cold Hearted Lover" and other stuff. It’s hard to choose a setlist because there are so many records we try to highlight, and then every night we try to change it for those who come to see it a couple of times, so everyone gets new songs. Yeah, yeah … the new record was received very well. We were happy.

Powerline: Your records have a lot of positive messages, and your lyrics hit on themes of perseverance in the face of different things and determination. Do you get that from when you had tuberculosis as a child and you had to fight to really even stay alive?

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Doro: Yeah, maybe. Maybe that had something to do with it. If you’re really close to dying, something is changed. You are not anymore so … I don’t know. It’s definitely … Yeah, I think it had something to do with it. And I always wanted to make people happy and give them something they can believe in, something that can lift them up. If somebody has a shitty day, just you know, I’d always say, "Put on a record or ‘All We Are’ and you feel better, you feel empowered." And with the live shows, that’s what I always feel I can do best. I really feel I can give people good energy, and it goes by fast, so I hope those good feelings last. When I can touch their hearts and soul … God, that’s great. And in the same way, I always get energized by the fans, and that’s why I could do another 30 years, because the music business is rough. It’s always going up and down, and it’s really hardcore. So I always owe it to the fans that I can still do it and I cater to the fans and the music and that will never, ever change. I’m a hundred percent sure of that.

Powerline: What’s next for you? What’s on the horizon? And what are your long-term plans?

Doro: The Full Metal Cruise, that’s another cruise liner metal thing going in Europe. And then we want to do all the summer festivals and do some more gigs in the States. And keep touring for the rest of the year, and then I celebrate my 30th anniversary in music. And I want to do it a couple of times. I want to do it the first time at Wacken, at the open-air festival in Germany in August. And then I want to do it once in New York and in Paris, and then probably do a great DVD out of it, because, of course, I want to do it great, with great guests and spectacular shows and the best pyrotechnics and whatever … it’s great, great, great. Yeah, and then doing a DVD — all of it. And then I just did the second part of [the film] "Anuk – The Way of the Warrior". We did the first part and now we’re doing the second part. I’m writing some more songs for the soundtrack, and I hope it will come out in 2013 or 2014. It always takes a little longer to break into the cinema, so probably the beginning of 2014, I guess. And then more touring and hopefully, another long American tour.

Read the entire interview from Powerline.


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