DEZ FAFARA Talks Next DEVILDRIVER Album, COAL CHAMBER Future In Audio Interview

Vocalist Dez Fafara of DEVILDRIVER and the reunited COAL CHAMBER was interviewed on the November 16-18 edition of Full Metal Jackie's nationally syndicated radio show. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

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Interview (audio):

Full Metal Jackie: DEVILDRIVER are out on tour with GWAR. This isn't the first time you guys have toured together.

Dez: No, we toured together about six years ago and it was the funnest thing we've ever done, especially this time of the season with a bunch of monsters is great. So we're having a great time.

Full Metal Jackie: There's some news semi-recently with a label change, so talk to us about about DEVILDRIVER news and what's happening right now.

Dez: Well, DEVILDRIVER is with Napalm Records now worldwide except over in Australia, where we're still with Roadrunner Records, and we've got a new record coming out possibly end fall time next year. We're recording in December and I do the vocals in January and the record is sounding really killer. I'm really happy with the songs so far; it's just real groove-heavy .

Full Metal Jackie: Let's talk about COAL CHAMBER for a sec. COAL CHAMBER reunited last year for what you thought would be just a few shows but now there's talk of maybe working on some new music. What changed your mind?

Dez: Well, we haven't talked about new music. There's a lot of rumors out there. We did Australia and it went incredibly well, we all got along great, we revisited the music and the fans. It was killer. Then we went and did South America and that was just absolutely amazing. We would like to do something in the States, but we just don't know when we're going to have the time because I'm with DEVILDRIVER right now so we're just taking it slowly and having a good time with it.

Full Metal Jackie: Offstage, how are COAL CHAMBER and DEVILDRIVER different in terms of the collective personalities of each band?

Dez: Everybody's different in both bands. COAL CHAMBER offstage — they're nuts, those guys are crazy. We've settled down a bit. DEVILDRIVER, after shows, everyone's kind of got a girlfriend or gotten married and this and that. It's a good time touring with both of them and I'm definitely having a good time doing both sides of my music.

Full Metal Jackie: Dez, you mentioned earlier that DEVILDRIVER starts recording next month, leaving you with a short amount of time to track vocals before heading to Europe with CANNIBAL CORPSE. How does the pressure of a tight schedule become a creative tool?

Dez: I think pressure is a creative tool. I think it's there when you have to do it, then you have to get it done and that's what's happening with me. In January, I've got to record and then we go right overseas with CANNIBAL CORPSE and we do a co-headlining thing in February and March, so we just pray that it all goes well. [laughs] We're going to be doing the record with Mark Lewis. He's quick, we work well together. He's already got the new music on him so he knows where we're going with this. I'm really excited to get trackin'.

Full Metal Jackie: You just released a song to raise money offset the medical cost of your sister's cancer treatment. Has that given you any thought of more philanthropic efforts on a broader scale?

Dez: I love music and I have so many different sides to me and so many different things I listen to and that's why I have COAL CHAMBER; it's a more dark, goth side. And that's why I have DEVILDRIVER; it's more of a heavy side of me. "Dark Meadowlark", the song I did for my sister Kerri, is a totally different animal than either of those. So we'll really have to see. Time is what really matters: Do I have time to do other things? And right now I'm really concentrating on DEVILDRIVER.

Full Metal Jackie: Can you give information on how people can get the song?

Dez: Sure. And it would be very helpful to me and my family if you did so. You got to and it'll take you right to Kerri's Corner, it takes you right to her page. You can download the song; it's $2.50. Some people are giving a thousand dollars, other people are giving ten dollars. Pick up the song and help somebody you don't know and hopefully it'll feel good for you.


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