DEVASTATION Frontman: 'It Really Feels Great To Be Back'

Beyond the Dark Horizon webzine recently conducted an interview with vocalist Rodney Dunsmore of reunited Texas thrashers DEVASTATION. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Beyond the Dark Horizon: Glad to hear that you guys are getting back on the map. How does it feel to be back?

Rodney: It really feels great to be back. Quite honestly, we never thought we would do it because everyone was set in their normal family lives or whatever and we were just happy with what we accomplished back then. But, man, with the advance of technology But man with the advance of technology and now with the Internet, people just really kept pushing and contacting us from all over the place, so we said, "What the hell?! Let's do it." It has been really fun so far.

Beyond the Dark Horizon: So the fans are responsible for DEVASTATION's return?

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Rodney: I guess. Really, like I said, the positive reaction from people and the general overall state of the metal scene as a whole. Metal seems to be making a real comeback and back in 1991 things were real hard to keep playing underground metal. It's great when you are a teenager with no responsibilities, but as you grow up and need to pay your bills, but you can't hold down a job because you're always on tour and you don't make any money while you're on tour. It's just a cycle. So we called it quits in 1991 and just all went on to do different things.

Beyond the Dark Horizon: Introduce us to DEVASTATION's current lineup. From what I understand it will differ on tour and not all original members are able to be present.

Rodney: Yes this lineup is Rodney Dunsmore on vocals, Henry Elizondo on guitar, Walt Trachsler on guitar from ROTTING CORPSE and DEATH, Alex Dominguez on bass (original bass player from 1986), and Fidel Tagle on drums from Corpus Christi band KILLAMORA.

Beyond the Dark Horizon: You just mentioned Walt Trachsler being part of DEVASTATION's current lineup. Is he officially now in the band or just performing on the upcoming tour?

Rodney: No, Walt is 100% in the band; In fact if he would have said no there would not be a DEVASTATION reunion. He was always like our sixth member anyway. He was on every tour with us and ran sound and pretty much everything else you can imagine.

Beyond the Dark Horizon: DEVASTATION recently entered the studio. What were you guys working on?

Rodney: We recorded one new song "Blood for Blood" and re-recorded "Tomorrow We Die" for the re issue of our third album "Idolatry", which will be released on October 1st. We just wanted to add something new to it. We are actually writing a whole new album which will hopefully be out in March of 2009. It's definitely a different writing process without Dave Burk but I am sure it will still be DEVASTATION and capture our true sound.

Beyond the Dark Horizon: Speaking of Dave, he is DEVASTATION's founding member. Is there a specific reason why he is no longer part of the band?

Rodney: Dave has a new life and runs his own business and just simply did not have any time for this endeavor. He gave us his blessing so we took it and ran with it. He is really missed but he is enjoying his family life now.

Beyond the Dark Horizon: As for the upcoming album, do you feel these new songs have a similar vibe like those on the original "Idolatry" album?

Rodney: No I don't think so, maybe a part or two here or there but "Idolatry" had its own feel; we were 20 years old then and Dave Burk had so much to do with the creation of "Idolatry". He was great at writing these heavy as hell yet bizarre and different style riffs. He really helped us forge our own sound.

Read the entire interview from Beyond the Dark Horizon.


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