DAVE MUSTAINE, RONNIE JAMES DIO On Marriage And Life Philosophy

MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine and HEAVEN AND HELL's Ronnie James Dio recently told Christopher Toh of TodayOnline.com that they are just two ordinary guys who'd have been a teacher and an author, respectively, if they weren't rockers.

Dio spends time in his studio, where he "can write music and stuff." "I'm also a sports addict. I love watching sports," he says. "I can't sit around with nothing to do. I need to get things done, otherwise I get complacent."

Mustaine likes to spend time with his kids. "I played golf with my son for his high school tournament," he says. "It was his first time and I hadn't played in a long time. It was pretty good! We didn't finish in last place."

On the secret to staying married longer than Britney Spears did:

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Dio: "There is no secret. It's all about finding the right person. I'm lucky because my wife is my manager, and she's the most daring and brilliant person I know. I'd be a fool to throw that away. I know she's always going to be my dearest friend. If I'm on a sinking ship and have to choose between two people? I would always save her first."

Mustaine: "Being married to somebody you're attracted to, somebody who's special — they're going to want to be treated special, and they deserve to be treated special."

On whether they get bored:

Dio: "Maybe the travelling bit, like flying long distance. But that's not boring, that's annoying. We're doing what makes us happy, and it should never be boring."

Mustaine: "I'd be lying if I said I don't get bored. Sometimes, when you're waiting to play and you've got a crappy band playing before you, it's like having your hand slammed in the door of a car. So, if I'm playing at a festival and I don't like the bands playing, I walk miles away."

On being raised to be level-headed:

Dio: "My parents brought me up really well — that kept me level-headed even when all the success happened. I never thought myself better than others. I can't fix a car, so I can't be better than a mechanic, right? I have problems like everyone else. It's just I'm very much in control of what I do."

On their life philosophy:

Dio: "Heaven and hell are here (on earth) and you have a choice to take either route. There is no afterlife ... this is my trial time, and I can choose to be evil or an angel."

Mustaine: "I'm a happy guy who has been very blessed. I'm confident, but people mistake it as arrogance. If confidence is arrogance, then I'm f***ing arrogant."

On how long they want to keep on rocking:

Dio: "When I can't give the same level I expect from myself, that's when I won't do this anymore."

Mustaine: "Hopefully, I'll still be doing what I do because I feel I've done it with self-restraint and dignity. But I think other guys should've stopped years ago! I know it's an arrogant thing to say, but why spend your life in a tour bus when you have children? Why not enjoy your legendary stature and go off into the sunset with that legacy?"

If they weren't going to be rockers…:

Mustaine: "I love teaching children. I used to teach martial arts to little kids at a school — but the instructor there was jealous because all the parents were asking me to teach their kids and not him!"

Dio: "I'm writing a book, so if you wanna know the truth about everything, it's going to be in there. It's going to be very funny … I hope! But no telling tales. I'm not going to hang (out) dirty laundry about anyone. If I was going to do that, I'd have a reality TV show."


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