CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Guitarist Talks 'Animosity' Lineup Reunion, Future Plans

MetalSucks recently conducted an interview with guitarist Woody Weatherman of the reunited "Animosity"-era lineup of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

MetalSucks: With this reunion, has Pepper [Keenan, guitar/vocals] left the band?

Woody: No. It's kind of a weird way it came about. It was Pepper that stirred everybody's bones back into motion. He had brought us up, doing some things in Europe this summer. Then with [Reed] Mullin [drums] coming back in, being the original guy or whatever, that kind of fell through. Our cages had been rattled. Mullin came out of the shadows, so we kept on going with it. When the time is right, when Pepper is willing and everybody else is willing, we'll probably do more four-piece stuff later on. Bu this just seems like it's got some interest now, and we're rolling with it.

MetalSucks: Is it a matter of Pepper being busy?

Woody: He's busy. DOWN's got some stuff going on. He's expressed interest. And whenever we do this thing, whenever it's out our blood… We got stirred from the slumber, and we didn't want to go back to sleep.

MetalSucks: Pepper just had a kid, right?

Woody: He did. He's got a little girl, and I've got a little boy. He's a year and a half old. She's four or five months old, something like that. It's eating up a lot of his time at the moment. He's probably changing a diaper right now.

MetalSucks: Pepper's definitely not split with you guys? You're not done — you're just…

Woody: I hope not. That's not the way that we've talked. I think he agrees with Mike [Dean, bass/vocals] and Reed and myself. We've never shut the door on anything. I think it'd be cool to do this and then later go back and do another four-piece record. And last time I talked to Pepper, he kind of felt that way, too. So we'll see if that holds true in the months to come. I think it probably will. I think we've got another one of those C.O.C. records in us too.

MetalSucks: What does the new material sound like — more "Animosity"?

Woody: It's faster. We've got about five or six songs we've been working on. It's pretty cool. Definitely not the same thing we've been doing over the last three or four records. It's probably reverting back to a little more old-school style. I wouldn't say it sounds [like "Animosity"], but it's leaning that way. [And] it's not like "Albatross" or anything.

MetalSucks: Is the band still attached to a label?

Woody: No, we're not. We're free and clear, man. We're not hooked up with anybody. We can do whatever the hell we want.

MetalSucks: Do you think you'll do an entire album?

Woody: Our goal is to not play a million shows. We're recording. We're gonna do it.

MetalSucks: The CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - BLIND band [which features "Blind"-era CORROSION OF CONFORMITY singer Karl Agell and Mullin and plays the entire LP during its live performances] — was that a sanctioned project?

Woody: I'm really kinda having no comment on it. Reed claims that it's just something he did for the fun of it. It's kind of a weird deal. I think it would have been better if they'd have just called it "BLIND." They did their last little thing, and now that we're geared back up, doing some real shit, we're not going to fiddle with that any more.

Read the entire interview from MetalSucks.


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