COAL CHAMBER Frontman Offers Update On Future Activities

COAL CHAMBER frontman Dez Fafara has posted a lengthy update on the band's official web site, addressing, among other things, the group's recent split with drummer Mike Cox, the release of an upcoming DVD and other future activities.

The following is Dez's statement in its entirety:

"OK, here's what's going on. Let's talk COAL CHAMBER future and let's give a little history lesson along the way.

"COAL CHAMBER started in 1994. I actually met Meegs in '92. Meegs and I formed a band called SHE'S IN PAIN. We played in that band for 2 years. After doing a few shows we decided on a different line-up and a different name, thus the name COAL CHAMBER. COAL CHAMBER had 2 drummers that played out for almost 2 and a half years with us. The one that gave the most time was John Tor, He was the one that played the many, many, many shows in Los Angeles that got us signed. A few weeks before signing to Roadrunner Records, Meegs, Rayna and I decided it would be too difficult to tour with John Tor due to him and Meegs constantly fighting. This is where Mike Cox comes in. We auditioned Mike and his brother at the same time, Mike got the gig making him the 3rd drummer of COAL CHAMBER.

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"As you know, when COAL CHAMBER came out onto the scene, there was few heavy bands and we toured constantly to bring our music to the forefront. Along the way, we've played with great bands and had the opportunity to tour the world. Also along the way, things changed. Rayna got pregnant and married and left the band, a decision we wholeheartedly support. Meegs and I grew distant from each other and over the last 2 years, could find no common ground. Through it all we left managers and people that supported us at the label, thrown along the roadside like dead bodies. All of these individuals that had faith in COAL CHAMBER and COAL CHAMBER's music we thank and there is no way at that time they could ever put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

"Now, here's a revelation for you all. Meegs and I have been speaking every other day and since we fired Mikey, things have become much better. It started out Meegs and I and here it is again, him and I, constantly speaking about the past and trying to avoid the same problems in the future. We realize we need to open the lines of communication with each other and realize that we are special people and our music is special. Most of all, the people that have supported COAL CHAMBER are special. I can say this, the 'Behind The Music' on COAL CHAMBER would be a great story. I have learned these things — hard work pays off, belief in yourself pays off and when you stop communicating with those around you due to anything... drugs, alcohol, depression, everything goes wrong and no one can save you. It has been easy for some to say just go play the music and now I am pleased to say were going to put baggage behind us and try to do just that. OK, Here's how we're starting: Meegs is at home, currently working on 3 new songs that we will be adding to a live album due out next spring. Accompanying this live album will be a DVD with some 15 to 20 shows and over 20 hours of backstage footage that is being edited as we speak.

"COAL CHAMBER was here before the scene had a title (Nu Metal) and COAL CHAMBER will be here when you're all trying to call the scene by another name. As for a COAL CHAMBER tour, we are expected to try to do Australia and Japan by next Christmas, 2003. This time were going to make it to Japan and over to Europe to see those who support us. COAL CHAMBER has already replaced our previous drummer and we can not wait for you to hear his style. Now understanding that I have my own project (DEATHRIDE) and I am fully engulfed with it the band and I are running at breakneck speed to put out an album and go on a tour but I refuse to forget where I came from and that is COAL CHAMBER. As for COAL CHAMBER touring the United States, I wouldn't expect it for at least 24 months. When we do, there will be a new album, a new attitude and a bigger and better stage show than COAL CHAMBER has ever seen.

"I have not done much speaking on this forum due to my constant work on DEATHRIDE, but felt the need to speak out on these subjects. What I would like all of you to do that care for COAL CHAMBER and COAL CHAMBER's music is excuse us for the drama within and look forward with open eyes and open hearts to something new. For the first time in over 4 years I am proud to say I am in COAL CHAMBER and am going to lead the way for COAL CHAMBER's future. At this moment I am feeling very lucky two bands with amazing individuals all wanting to just do art.

"If you could take the time to post emails encouraging Meegs to further his music, I'm sure he would love to hear from you all and it would mean a great deal for COAL CHAMBER fans around the world to show that they back us 100% in these times of trials and tribulations. For now, enjoy 'Dark Days'. All of the lyrics in 'Dark Days' were written about the band members themselves and I'm hoping in the future to feel and express new emotions alongside COAL CHAMBER's music.

"Now that Meegs and I are speaking and have broken through the light, it's one of the most positive things that could happen to COAL CHAMBER. OK, let me answer this: Of course Nadja is still in COAL CHAMBER. We thank her so much for her touring and musical ability and at this time, beg forgiveness for all the stupid drama that money, drugs, lack of communication and ego have caused the people around her. We can not wait to have her write music for the 3 new songs that will be coming on the live album and we are assured that she will live up to all of your expectations. Please understand that she is one of the hardest working women in rock and has dealt with the typical band breakdown and done it with class and style. Once again, I'd like you all to post emails with positive reference to everyone getting together and doing art in the spirit of the spirit.

"Music has changed my life. The only thing that I'm still not getting used to is having my life in the public eye, but it comes along with the territory. So here is this letter for anyone who cares, straight from my heart, regarding the dream and dreams that I have had as a child. I have had many of those dreams fulfilled and am looking forward to a second part filled with massive music, love and joy. That's the only way its going to happen folks — if we all enjoy what we do.

"So here is to a bright future and here is to closing the door on the past, permanently."


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