CKY Frontman Slams 'Lonely, Jealous' BLABBERMOUTH.NET 'Losers'

CKY guitarist/vocalist Deron Miller has slammed the "lonely, jealous music fans" who have posted scathingly negative comments about his band on BLABBERMOUTH.NET. Writing in response to the comments that accompanied the the latest CKY news story on this web site (dated June 1), Miller said, "I just wanted to say that not one post can go by from any band/artist without a handful of lonely, jealous music fans (?) leaving stupid remarks about EVERY SINGLE BAND that posts. It's obvious that this is blabbermouthers' only time to shine — to show that they can put others down without cause or even knowing anything about the band/artist. Try to find one news post that doesn't have a string of lame, uneducated and closed-minded responses from people that WISH they were the people that they are slagging. It's not just Dave Mustaine, MÖTLEY CRÜE, ROTTING CHRIST, or CKY — it's everyone. And the negative opinions are so lame it's embarassing to read them, so it should be embarrassing to write them.

"Why don't all of you negative fucks find some friends and power outside of the house? Your slagging remarks are boring, and I'm sure they'll be yet another string of dull crap to follow this post: 'CK-who', 'CKY sucks' (that's an original one). Let me save you the time... I won't be reading them! But you'll do it anyway, because that's just how predictable you are. We don't give a fuck, and neither do the other great bands (or bad bands) on here that are doing what you WISH you were doing.

"To the positive people that are in touch with reality... I commend you for trying to put these losers in their place and making Blabbermouth a cool site to visit."