CHILDREN OF BODOM Frontman Slams Internet 'Badasses'

Karma E. Omowale of the FourteenG e-zine recently conducted an interview with CHILDREN OF BODOM guitarist/vocalist Alexi Laiho. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

FourteenG: Okay. What's the story behind your computer phobia? Fans on the message board seem to think you have one. [Laughs]

Alexi: "[Laughs] It's not really a phobia, it's just I don't know. I like to talk to people, like this, but I hate fucking typing and I hate the whole thing, especially the Internet, there are just too many dumb people! Trying to be a total badass and obviously they're really not, which just fucking pisses me off! But it's fun sometimes to go in our website and read [posts]. I'm not trying to say that they're all like that, it's just a certain group of people…"

FourteenG: Yes, I know, unfortunately I've dealt with some of them… [both laugh]

Alexi: "[Shakes head] So it's like it's probably this fucking computer geek who has no fucking friends and no life and he's being all bad ass over the fucking Internet and talking shit. I don', it's fucked up! [Laughs]"

FourteenG: Speaking of the Internet, I know that you are against downloading and MP3s and stuff… What do you think of the latest findings that the Sony Corporation is using a method of installing rootkits on a users' computer and destroying their hard drives and or making it a possible breeding ground for hackers to destroy their computers. Of course, all of this is in the name of stopping downloaders and thwarting the potential theft of their copy written material?

Alexi: "I don't know. The thing is I think the MP3 thing is the future of music whether we like it or not. I just hope that they can come up with some sort of solution that it would not be stealing from the artist or stealing from the record company. I mean if you download shit for free, it is stealing, I mean come on, let's just face it."

FourteenG: No, you're right.

Alexi: "So I just kind of hope that they could come up with some kind of idea that would work out. I think that if [the consumer] would actually pay for that then it would be cheaper than buying a CD, which means that in the future there's no point in making booklets or anything like that, you know what I'm saying."

FourteenG: Hmm…good point.

Alexi: "That costs money too, you know."

FourteenG: Definitely!

Alexi: "There's no point to do that either which is kind of sad but fuck it! For me I always go into the stores and buy CDs. But apparently, not a lot of people are doing this anymore."

FourteenG: Well, I need your opinion on another matter now, what are your thoughts on NIGHTWISH with the band getting rid of Tarja?

Alexi: "I'm glad they did!"

FourteenG: You are?

Alexi: "Yeah, definitely! Well, you know I'm pretty good friends with Tuomas [Holopainen, NIGHTWISH mainman] and he just told me a lot of fucked up stories. It was a year ago [he told me] how it is with them and how she was, especially her fucked up husband/manager, you know. She was definitely holding them back, you know and being a total fucking diva, or whatever! She was just all about the money so I was just saying…he is the band! He writes all the music, all the lyrics all they need is a good-looking chick who knows how to sing. She's not irreplaceable or nothing like that! So, I'm happy that they got rid of her."

Read the entire interview at this location.


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