BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE: 'Waking The Demon' Video Trailer Available

A trailer for "Waking the Demon", the next promo video and U.S. single from BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE's sophomore album, "Scream Aim Fire" (Jive/Zomba), can be viewed at this location. The clip will receive its online premiere on Wednesday, April 16 on MySpace.

Getting bullied in school it's every young student's worst nightmare, and the basis of "Waking the Demon". "Waking the Demon" is probably the hardest song on BULLET's album and has its roots in the bandmembers' own experiences of getting beat up at school because they had long hair or because they were in a band.

According to BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE's vocalist/lyricist Matt Tuck, "'Waking the Demon' is about finding someone's inner demon. Most of us in the band got pushed around in school so the song is about getting tormented, day in and day out for years, and then one day 'snap!' like that!"

The video for "Walking the Demon" was written and directed by Max Nichols (son of Academy Award-winning director Mike) and will breathe a visual life into BULLET's lyrics: "There's just no limits to the boundaries you push / I've warned you but still you just f**k with my mind / There's no escape from this rage / That I feel / Nothing is real / Breathe for me, don't wake me from this slumber / Stay with me possession taking over."

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE is currently co-headlining the North American Taste of Chaos tour, which kicked off on February 29.

"Scream Aim Fire" has sold 156,000 copies in the United States since its late January release, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE performing "Waking the Demon" live in 2008: