BEYOND TWILIGHT founder Finn Zierler has slammed the group's former vocalist, Jorn Lande (currently in MASTERPLAN) for claiming in an interview that he "wrote all the songs" for the group's latest album, "Section X" (which features Lande's replacement, Kelly Carpenter, also of OUTWORLD).

Speaking to Mario's Metal Mania last month at the Bospop Festival in Weert, Holland, Lande allegedly stated about the new BEYOND TWILIGHT album, "I wrote all of the songs… all the songs for the new record ['Section X']. And now they have a second record with a new singer (Kelly Carpenter), but all the songs on that album are mine, I wrote [those] songs. The songs on that second record are basically leftovers of the first album ('The Devil's Hall of Fame'), which I did with Finn Zierler and I am really pissed off because of that, because that are my songs. And … yeah … he took my songs and he got somebody else to sing it. So but I mean, they were leftovers of the first record, songs that were not good enough to me. But apparently they are good enough for a second album. And I am really furious and I know that you will remember if I talk to you in a couple of years you will know that the follow-up record for BEYOND TWILIGHT will not be very good, it cannot be good. Because they need someone who is really creative and [can] do special things. Because he just stole my work for this new record. In Paris when I met Finn and I congratulated him with the new record and THEN after congratulating him I heard the new record and I was … I thought, 'I have all these sketches in my house!' This is stuff that I did. These are my songs. They were leftovers and he used them. You listen to the CDs and then you will hear that they are my songs. And I wanted to tell you this because I'm really pissed off. And this is the truth and all other bullshit is just bullshit!"

Responding to Lande's comments, Finn Zierler issued the following statement to Mario's Metal Mania:

"In immediate response to the interview with Jorn Lande claiming that he has written ALL of the songs of 'Section X', BEYOND TWILIGHT bring forth the following statement. This is for sure the biggest lie in music history! Mark these words. Jorn has not written one single composition of music on 'Section X'. Nor has he written the lyrics or the song melodies for 'Section X'. We are extremely upset and angry about this major lie but at the same time this is almost surreal. We have mailed Jorn Lande asking him to correct his statement and to tell the truth immediately. This is not just utterly dishonest and out of respect but also the biggest lie in music history. In fact, this lie is so harmful and of such seriousness that we will drag Jorn Lande into court if he does not bring forth the truth. We hope this is some kind of misunderstanding. We still have not heard from Jorn Lande — he has not replied explaining his statement."

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In a separate statement, current BEYOND TWILIGHT singer Kelly Carpenter said about Lande's claims, "BEYOND TWILGHT has recently become aware of a statement made by Jorn Lande in which he claims to have written ALL of the songs on our new album, 'Section X'. This is an outrageous LIE!! I personally wrote many of the melodies and lyrics on the album, therefore I was unhinged by his insane statement. On top of that, there is no way Jorn could write the complex musical compositions on 'Section X' ...though anyone who has listened to the album would be hard-pressed to believe his remarks.....

"BEYOND TWILIGHT has contacted all of its business relations regarding his slanderous remark and will set the record straight through the media immediately.

"I don't know why he would fabricate a story like this but we won't stand by and let him tarnish our name or take credit for 'OUR' hard work."


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