ARCH ENEMY: Cooking Up New Riffs!

Words of wisdom from ARCH ENEMY guitarist Michael Amott:

"We are back home in Sweden after a hectic weekend in the USA, the 2 festivals we played were chaotic, stressful and…FUN! As always, these festivals with a million bands playing are a bit crazy from an organizational point of view, but the shows themselves were great (apart from some technical glitches here and there) and we enjoyed the support that the crowd gave us — the US crowd is very cool and we look forward to playing for you guys again soon on a full length US tour. At the New England festival I watched DARK FUNERAL's set and that was pretty cool, I am not familiar with their albums but with Matte Modin (DEFLESHED, NONEXIST) behind the kit, they kicked some serious ass! At the NJ festival I managed to catch the set from a couple of bands — the MANOWAR show in NJ was cool! I missed the NUCLEAR ASSAULT reunion show as our stage time clashed with theirs. That sucked!

“For now, we are taking a few days off and we'll be meeting up next week to continue the writing process for the next album. Yeah we know we just released Wages Of Sin in Europe and the U.S., but we are already working on the new one, he-he… Well, we are jamming anyway and cooking up new riffs and melodies… [Drummer] Daniel [Erlandsson] says he's got some riffs too – I just hope me and [guitarist] Chris [Amott] are able to play 'em! It should be fun rehearsing next week…”