ANTHRAX Guitarist SPITZ Says DIMEBAG Comments Were 'Taken Out Of Context'

ANTHRAX guitarist Dan Spitz has issued a statement refuting the quotes attributed to him during a recent interview in which he appeared to insinuate that late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott copied his leads for ANTHRAX's "Stomp 442" record and slam some of his bandmates on a number of subjects, including the release of ANTHRAX's "The Greater of Two Evils" CD (featuring re-recordings of the band's classic songs). Spitz's statement reads as follows:

"I've become aware of an interview posted on a Finnish Web site [NOTE: The web site is based out of Newfoundland, Canada but the journalist that conducted the interview, Marko Syrjälä, is Finnish — Ed.] and the gross misrepresentations therein. Please take this interview with a huge grain of salt as this is unprofessional tabloid-esque journalism. The interviewer (his girlfriend in tow) was totally unprofessional in nature with his tape recorder being turned on and off while he joked around prodding and poking me, asking questions I answered in jest, sarcasm or a joking manner over a period of more than an hour while we were all goofing off backstage. However it is presented as running dialogue and is full of untrue misrepresentations and statements taken out of context or translated entirely incorrectly.

"The comments regarding Dimebag hurt me the most. First of all, every metalhead knows Dime had his own unique style of playing and could NEVER, EVER copy anyone. Trying to take away something from someone who is no longer with us to defend their self is just pure idiocy! I take nothing away from anyone. If I said people copied my leads I said it in a general term such as 'Paul [Crook], Dime and whomever ANTHRAX had fill in for me in the studio.' Dime (or Paul for that matter) did not copy my leads at all. Dimebag Darrell Abbott had his own amazingly distinct style which spoke for itself and will live forever.

"And as for comments about my bandmates, I had nothing to say about them to the interviewer that I wouldn't say to them in person. I've known these guys for 25 years. What's posted in this interview is just insane, inaccurate and insensitive.

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"I apologize to anyone mentioned and to everyone unfortunate enough to read this interview. It is just a compilation of bullshit and I don't wish to comment on it further.

"I usually do not do interviews unless they are for credible guitar playing or guitar equipment based magazines and are requests that come from an ANTHRAX manager or Candi, my personal manager and wife. I gave this interview against my better judgment and feel totally taken advantage of. If any interview sounds different from my usual intensity, intelligence and love for my colleagues, music, God, and family... then it is strictly fiction and not from any Spitz I know.

"Never let the truth get in the way of a perfectly good story, eh?"


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