AMEN Singer Comments On Drummer's Departure, Announces Upcoming Projects

AMEN frontman Casey Chaos has posted a lengthy message on the band's official message board commenting on the recent departure of drummer Luke Johnson and outlining his recent and upcoming activities. Casey's message reads as follows:

"First of all, I want to thank you all for being a part of this band and the commune as a whole, it really does mean alot to each member of the band throughout its history. I am not too good with computers therefore I leave to you guys and I try and stick to the work.

"Touring one year with AMEN is like touring five to any other. It takes a toll on us all, but we do it because it is our lifestyle/deathstyle at the time. Which is why there is a revolving door policy. Whatever money is made goes into the band's touring account, for which we have an accountant to make sure bills are paid and that we're not gettin ripped off. Something that has happened a lot in the past.

"There is no bad blood between Luke and the band. I wish him the best [and] I'm sure he will be happy. This is a band of individuals who have free will and do as they please. If they dont 'feel it' anymore, then we part company. This does not make them enemies. I still love [Shannon] Larkin as much as I did when he was in the band and that's a long time ago. Some people change, some people want more [money], some people hate me, but none of that should really matter to you. All that should matter is that when AMEN does anything from an album to a show is that it's 110% total annihilation, and for that moment in time, everything else doesnt matter, to live like there is no tomorrow.

"I have never created for any other reason other than as a voice/outlet for my soul. I am not a teenager and don't have illusions of grandeur [sic]. I have sacrificed my life for this band and will continue to do so as long as I am inspired to, I have no back-up plan and don't regret a fucking minute. To hear stories from Matt and people like Belle [and] Jo about the tattoos they have and how much the music has touched them is really what keeps me alive and forever grateful. Matt's [Montgomery] drive and dedication are what got him in the band without me ever hearing him play a note, practically same goes for Scott [S. Sorry].

"I have a houseful of people here at any given time there can be 4 to 40 friends and sometimes total strangers staying here. There are 2 to 3 computers at any given time that everyone uses. Everyone knows my passwords and my address. I don't know who posted that 'expose,' I have a few ideas, and that's it, but that's not important. The point is that this is a band that is and always will be on the brink of destruction 'you are perfect in demise' and that every show could be the last. It's not an act and there is no plan, otherwise why aren't we on tour?? Three days after it was released in the U.S. we've been at home.

"Unfortunately there are many people who are living vicariously through the band spreading rumors trying to manipulate people by passing judgements on band issues when they have no idea what it's like. Spiteful detractors who fill people's heads with jaded predictable and shit ropaganda. It is only for their lack of strength and character that they talk about something they do not know, they are powerless.

"In this downtime I have produced the first band, called TORQAMADA, that I plan to release on my imprint Refuse Musick. It is a truly classic album and sounds like nothing you've ever heard. Also I did a remix for a band called SUNSHINE from the Czech Republic, a great band with great people! Over this time i have also been compiling a musical diary from age 13 to now of material that spans my lifetime. It will be comprised over four CDs of unreleased songs that have never been heard and limited to 2000 hand-numbered copies only available thru the Refuse Musick website in the weeks to come. And of course it will never be reissued. And lastly I will be spending the coming weeks in Norway, where I will be working on an album [to] which I will contribute vocals and arrangements with a group of people from other groups who will remain nameless until the project is done [due to the past side projects — HEAD BAND w/ Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri, Twiggy, Larkin, SCARS ON BROADWAY w/ Daron Malakian and Zach Hill [and] AMICUSS w/ Killjoy and others, all of which have yet to be released...]

"AMEN will tour Europe before the end of the year, and yes, we do have a new drummer. His name is Joe Letz and he is an amazing drummer and individual. So I hope this covers the basis and my only post.

"Once again thank you all for being a part of AMEN and my life, you are what keeps us alive!"


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