A PERFECT CIRCLE Guitarist Talks About TWIGGY RAMIREZ's Addition To The Band

According to Base Tendencies, A PERFECT CIRCLE's Billy Howerdel spoke to The Dallas Morning News regarding the addition of former MARILYN MANSON bassist Jeordie White (a.k.a. Twiggy Ramirez) to the group's ranks. Although coming from MARILYN MANSON and bringing some "baggage" along with him, Howerdel says that Jeordie ended up being a good fit for the band. A former guitar technician, Billy knew both Jeordie and new guitarist James Iha (ex-SMASHING PUMPKINS) prior to their joining up with A PERFECT CIRCLE. "I worked for NINE INCH NAILS, and MARILYN MANSON was the opening band," he said of his initial introduction to Jeordie. "This was 10 years ago. I'd bumped into Jeordie over the years. He heard we were looking for a bass player. It really clicked." Howerdel claims he was surprised at everyone's enthusiasm and that he "didn't know that A PERFECT CIRCLE frontman Maynard James Keenan would be that into it. When we'd been out and seen Jeordie, it would be real low-key. But when his name came up, Maynard was interested."