Wake the Night! Live in Germany - SIX FEET UNDER

There is no multi-disc package that folds out into three sections packed with artwork and commentary. Bonus footage showing members at home, on the road, and in varying states of inebriations isn't included either. What about in-depth interviews? Nope. Some might use the lack of extras against SIX FEET UNDER in a review of new DVD "Wake the Night! Live in Germany". But what those folks would be forgetting is that the "concert" part of a concert DVD is supposed to be the main reason for the product's existence in the first place and the determining factor in whether a fan plunks down the bucks for it. As far as determining factors go, that whole concert thing is all the reason SIX FEET UNDER fans will need to purchase (at discounted priced, mind you) "Wake the Night! Live in Germany". Translation: The quartet was on fire this night of August 8, 2009 at Party.San Open Air in Bad Berka, Germany.

Produced by vocalist Chris Barnes, engineered by Chis Carroll, and filmed/edited by Roax, "Wake the Night! Live in Germany" is one of those synergistic events where the band is firing up the rabid crowd and the rabid crowd is firing up the band. And you, the viewer, reap the benefits of a gig filmed with nine cameras and recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound. In other words, the visual and audio aspects are top notch. But the big bonus is that this is one of the most ferocious performances you'll ever witness from the group of veteran road dogs. You can actually see the adrenaline pumping through Barnes' body as he stalks the stage, growling and screeching (don't know how he is still able to do it, I swear) his guts out. Barnes, Butler, Swanson, and Gall are really giving it their all in the performance of this 17-track career retrospective. From opener "No Warning Shot" to closer "Beneath a Black Sky", this is full tilt death groove and the voltage levels reach dangerous proportions.

So what about those DVDs that not only offer a monster concert performance, but also great extras? Look, here's the deal. As a big thank you from SIX FEET UNDER for years of global support (they sure do love 'em in Germany), "Wake the Night! Live in Germany" can be purchased from Metal Blade for a special price of $11.99. The initial European pressing also includes the digipak version of "Graveyard Classics III". Bonus CD or no bonus CD, that's some serious bang for the buck for a seriously ass-kickin' set from Barnes and the boys.

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