Like everything else about their career these days, this DVD from FLOTSAM AND JETSAM is a decidedly low-budget affair. Plain-jane packaging, a 45-minute concert with one video from the new record tacked on as the sole "bonus", and a poorly-lit show filmed with two, maybe three stationary cameras — this is definitely bootleg-quality stuff here.

But it'll still be a must for FLOTSAM diehards — the performance itself is excellent, the setlist favoring older material (understandable, given that this show was pretty much a nostalgia trip, also featuring DEATH ANGEL and OVERKILL — too bad no one could get all three bands on one DVD!). The audio won't win any awards, but it's passable, and it's sufficient for a documentation of what had to be a euphoric show for these guys, this far into a pretty hard-luck stretch of years. The packed house is enthusiastic even for the newer material, and goes positively apeshit over classics like "The Master Sleeps" and "Hard On You".

And that's it, really — it's a rough and ready document, hopefully available cheap, which will be better than nothing for the band's remaining stalwart fans. It shows that FLOTSAM AND JETSAM still have talent and heart to spare, and that they've definitely gotten the shaft, career-wise — hopefully a few old-schoolers will be impressed by "Straight to Hell" (the song, if not the video) and pick up "Dreams of Death", a solid and enjoyable album that didn't deserve to sink without a trace upon its release last summer.

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