"The Process of Elimination"


01. The Fist of the Leng Tch'e
02. Don't Touch my Spandex
03. Overkill Bill
04. Another Hit Single
05. Bobby-Joe's Slumber Party
06. Remote Controlled
07. Glamourgirl Concubine
08. Ingest/Dissent
09. Schematic
10. Man's Inhumanity to Man
11. Motorgrinding
12. Fat Camp
13. Icon Resizer
14. Derisive Conscience
15. Patriotic Pleasure
16. The Plastic Motive
17. Testosterone Collar
18. Scene Scenery
19. Clarity Denied
20. Mediocrity Contest
21. Pimp
22. Reality? TV
23. Alliance of Blockheads
24. Terminal Excess Patient

RATING: 7.5/10

Is it just me or has there been an upsurge in the number of grindcore bands making the genre more creative and exciting, while still keeping it dangerous and monstrously heavy? "The Process of Elimination" may not be the dementia inducing, creative tour de force that is CEPHALIC CARNAGE's "Anomalies", but it sure is a raucous little sucker that throws the occasional curve ball.

ABORTED lead vocalist Sven De Caluwé is responsible for the carpet-bombing runs that some call drumming on "The Process of Elimination". He also adds the occasional maniacal shouts that he does so well with his "other" band. Most of the 24 tracks (clocking in at a bit more than a half-hour) are bull-in-a-china-shop grindcore calamity that's mosh-worthy and entertaining as hell. For all the epileptic fits heard on the call-to-arms of "The Fist of the Leng Tch'e", the vanity spasms of "Don't Touch my Spandex", or the cellulite cannon shots of "Fat Camp", there are moments of slower-tempo grind boogie peppered throughout that is a friggin' blast. "Motorgrinding" sounds like ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY (circa "Staring at the Divine") interrupted a LENG TCH'E studio session and forced the LT bunch to take a quick breather. The lyrics spat out by vocalist Boris Cornelissen kill me: "Ooh baby, get your hood all shining we're gonna ride all night long/I love your greasy leather right beneath my big fat bung." Romantic, eh? Just wait until you hear the tales of barnyard buggery in "Bobby-Joe's Slumber Party". More of that nasty boogie crunch returns on "Pimp", a song that also includes a campy organ part. Coupled with the moments that lean toward the death metal side (albeit, in a grinding sort of way, ala ABORTED), by the time you even think you might get bored, it's over with and you're ready to spin it again.

Sven must be happy as a pig in shit right now. Two strong albums like "The Archaic Abattoir" and "The Process of Elimination" get released in the same year. What the hell is he gonna do for an encore?


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