(The End)

01. Emptiness
02. Burning Bridges
03. Lives Based On Conflicts
04. Clearly Surreal
05. Carousel
06. Twenty Three Feet
07. Feel The Beating
08. Satisfied By Ego Purposes
09. Brain Sucking Machine
10. Weak
11. Liar
12. Lost In Time
13. Enemigo del Sol

RATING: 9/10

Guitarist/producer Waldemar Sorychta, the man who brought you DESPAIR and GRIP INC., as well as playing on the new EYES OF EDEN album and producing acts like LACUNA COIL, MOONSPELL, and THE GATHERING returns now to kick the world's ass with a new band called ENEMY OF THE SUN. And yes, the name is in part inspired by the NEUROSIS album title. Enlisting versatile vocalist Jules Naveri, drummer Daniel Zeman, and bassist Alla Feynitch, the quartet has created in "Shadows" what is certain to be one of the freshest and most creative metal albums of 2008 (2007 if you live outside of North America).

The success of "Shadows" starts and ends with songwriting. This 13-track collection (including U.S. bonus track "Enemigo del Sol") is bursting at the seams with big hooks, adrenaline-charged thrash grooves, and a virtual potpourri of music styles woven into the arrangements. There is no mistaking it; the music of "Shadows" is driven primarily by furious modern thrash elements that just happen to come with incredibly catchy melodies. Most impressive is the manner in which Sorychta and company mix disparate musical styles into the arrangements without the songs ever seeming directionless or cluttered. You only need to hear the first track, "Emptiness", to realize the brilliance of the songwriting. It is a prime example of a tune that blasts off like a rocket with Naveri screaming his lungs out, changing into a muscular gruff vocal, and then turning on a dime for an exceptionally tuneful chorus.

The magic keeps on happening with "Burning Bridges" juxtaposing light strumming with ultra heavy riffs and "Lives Based on Conflicts" utilizing something along the lines of a SYSTEM OF A DOWN flow on the verse. You'll also hear everything from an ALICE IN CHAINS-type chorus (with Eastern-sounding guitars) on "Clearly Surreal", the kind of jumpy vocal on the verse of "Twenty Three Free" that vaguely recalls something that Serj Tankian would do to a reggae-ish guitar line on the ultra-cool "Brain Sucking Machine". In fact, the range of guitar effects used on the disc not only sound superb, but are also well suited to the compositions.

As one would expect, an album like "Shadows" gets better and better with every spin of the disc. If "Shadows" does not demonstrate to the masses the genius of Waldemar Sorychta, then something has gone horribly wrong in the world of music. Buy this album!


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