Retaliate - MISERY INDEX

Baltimore, Maryland — home to not really anything to speak of lately, save for a few gas-pumping citizens who became swiftly acquainted with their maker. Fellow citizens MISERY INDEX probably aren't about to hide in their car trunks and take pot shots at people, but their mission is almost as vicious.

Blending bare-bones grindcore with the intricacies of MORBID ANGEL, "Retaliate" is everything that this succinct one-word title might hint at, and everything that you might expect from ex-DYING FETUS men Jason Netherton (vocals and bass) and Sparky Voyles (guitar). That, of course, involves the spiralling, twisty-turny riffs on the likes of "Demand The Impossible" and "The Unbridgeable Chasm", plus the tormented vocal roar with a slight John Tardy-esque edge.

What it lacks in songs that don't quite manage to hook into your brain, it compensates with a surging extreme hardcore element that gives "Order Upheld/Dissent Dissolved" a supercharged boot up the rear like DISCHARGE on PCP.

Retaliate? They haven't even started with you yet.

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