"Patience and Perseverance"


01. Gypsyhawk
02. Planet Former
03. Commander of the High Forest
04. Eyes of Ibad
05. Rebellion on the Western Shore
06. For Those who love the Lizz
07. The Bokors Procession
08. Resentment City
09. Blackhaven
10. The Rabble and the Ruled
11. Guidance
12. Defenders of Good Times

RATING: 7.5/10

It seems a rarity these days that self-descriptions of albums (or PR hype) by bands emulating a classic '70s rock or metal style of music don't mention THIN LIZZY at least once. Given the Irish band's massive influence on nearly any album that features twin leads, it is not surprising in the least. As is often the case though, the comparisons don't go much deeper than that. Even BIBLE OF THE DEVIL and SLOUGH FEG get the comparison as only one part of a larger group of classic rock/metal bands. In the case of GYPSYHAWK's "Patience and Perseverance" the influence is central to the style, at least from the standpoint of twin-guitar harmonies and solos, as well as bassist Eric Harris' (ex-SKELETONWITCH) charming Phil Lynott-like patterns and inflection. The difference is that whereas THIN LIZZY composed in a conventional format that still emphasized choruses, the music of "Patience and Perseverance" focuses on the art of the instrumental jam, while vocals and traditional hooks are of secondary consequence.

And jam they do, the hour's worth of material taking the listener through a range of progressive rock and instrumental styles, though rarely does the act get too far "out there." From the standpoint of blazing guitar work and the prominent role played by Harris' four strings, "Patience and Perseverance" absolutely smokes. Aside from the THIN LIZZY directness and Celtic folk shades, one will hear the influence of standard-bearers DEEP PURPLE and to a lesser extent BLACK SABBATH. The music even moves into jazz territory on occasion, if only briefly, as heard front and center during one especially captivating section of "Resentment City". There is some serious playing going on here and the potential for future greatness is vast.

However, the same "jammy" characteristics that make "Patience and Perseverance" a killer are the same ones that leave the listener wanting to a point in the area of memorable melody. As much as you'll love indulging in the musical tapestry, some effort and investment is required to immediately identify individual tracks, although I wouldn't necessarily say that the tracks "run together" either. That might not even be an area of concern for GYPSYHAWK and if jam-first is the mission, then said mission been accomplished in a big way. Fortunately, heart, soul, and musicianship are more than enough to carry "Patience and Perseverance". Keep your ears peeled for GYPSYHAWK; they may be going places.


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