"Means to an End"


01. My Life, My Way
02. The Fire Burns Inside
03. Killing To Be Free
04. Filled With Hate
05. Devotion
06. Break It Away From Me
07. Kings Never Die
08. Don't Stand Alone
09. To The Grave
10. Set Me Free

RATING: 7/10

BIOHAZARD made a statement with 2003's "Kill or be Killed". Dispensing with guest musicians, fancy production values, and experimentation, the self-produced album recalled early releases like the self-titled debut and "Urban Discipline". Hardcore-based and delivered with all the subtly of an old-school gang fight, "Kill or Be Killed" screamed, "this is what BIOHAZARD is supposed to sound like!" "Means to an End" continues down the same mean street, the band still shouting about hypocrites and spineless maggots, and suggesting to those blocking their path to go fuck themselves.

There's not much distinguishing "Means to an End" from "Kill or be Killed", except that the tunes on the latter seem to stand out more; that may have more do with "Kill or Be Killed" coming somewhat unexpectedly after 2001's "Uncivilization" though. Having been prepped by the 2003 release, "Means to an End" is more predictable. This has nothing to do with overall song quality or the level of ferocity. Both albums attack like rabid dogs. Song-wise, there's not a weak one in the bunch. Consistency is the name of the game here, with songs like "My Life, My Way", "Killing to be Free", "To the Grave", and "Filled with Hate" chock full of those traditional Evan Seinfeld and Billy Graziadei vocal tradeoffs, familiar cadences, head-stomp drumming, and blood-caked riffs. When the guitar solos do fly out, the choice is one of finding a place to hide or taking a shrapnel bath. A sound that's raw as uncooked hamburger and dry as sandpaper drives the point home. Fifteen years of releasing albums and BIOHAZARD still sounds as pissed off and hungry today as they did in 1990.

"Means to an End" will surprise no one and to most fans that's probably a good thing. Who else comes close to this kind of urban warfare anyway? If you weren't a fan before, "Means to an End" won't make you one.


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