"Ignorance Never Dies"

(Visible Noise/Earache)

01. Ignorance Never Dies
02. Burnt Tongues
03. Nothing Left But Regret
04. Antipode
05. Hypochondriac
06. Dreaming Of Believing
07. TF
08. Unknown Dub
09. The Clocks Aren't Ticking Backwards
10. Feels Like There's Something Dark Inside
11. All I Never Want To Be
12. Great Shape
13. Black Veins
14. Blood Ran Cold

RATING: 8/10

You've pit slammed to TERROR and you've wantonly smashed car windows and punched in holes in walls to HATEBREED. Let me introduce you to YOUR DEMISE, the next great metallic hardcore band that will have you stomping this and busting that, if not to purge personal demons, then to have a little fun by vandalizing private property and making an ass of yourself being a hardcore thug. Or you might just decide that "Ignorance Never Dies" from these U.K. bruisers should have folks mentioning YOUR DEMISE in the same breath as TERROR and HATEBREED.

As for the comparison, let's just say that the needles measuring energy levels and violent tendencies are pushed far into the red, something that albums from all three bands have in common. Ed McRae's bark is more unhinged than that of Scott Vogel or Jamey Jasta, as well as possessing a distinctly British punk rock edginess, if you know what I mean. Better yet, YOUR DEMISE prove themselves to be some pretty damn good songwriters. Hardcore at its center, no question about it, yet tracks are characterized by their individuality, as well as a shrewd awareness that there is more than one way to utilize two guitars, whilst allowing the drums some rhythmic freedom and the bass a nasty growl. If it is highlights that you seek, then "TF" and "The Clocks aren't Ticking Backwards" are the undisputed heavyweight champions, both notable for the sheer amount of venom spilling over the sides. And here's a shocker, three of the tracks are electronic/dub pieces that are anything but ill fitted to the album's flow. I'd even dub [pun intended] "Unknown Dub" a gosh-darn standout cut, and it sure does bring the boom in a quality car stereo. So if you just can't take a little dub in your hardcore, then skip the damn tracks.

In the way of synopsis then, "Ignorance Never Dies" is one hard-ass hardcore album. The invective spills out and pollutes like a wrecked oil tanker in Alaskan coastal waters and the beatings continue, regardless of whether morale improves. To quote from "Nothing Left But Regret" (another strong banger): "Do it. Break my fucking neck / Do it. This time I won't look back / Do it. Slit my fucking throat / Do it. Your life's a fucking joke". As such, I would merely recommend that you "Do it. Buy the CD."


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