Died Laughing - KEITH CAPUTO

When vocalist Keith Caputo left LIFE OF AGONY in 1997, many of us were at a loss to explain the logic in his exiting what was probably one of the most original hard music acts of the late '90s. Now that the man's debut solo offering is upon us, however, the reasons behind his departure have started to make a lot more sense. A decidedly more personal and far less guitar-heavy offering than anything Keith had done with his previous band, Died Laughing is an opportunity for the singer to bare his soul through music, and he has appropriately chosen to accomplish this in a much more intimate way, without loud guitars or pounding drums diluting his message.


In musical terms, LIFE OF AGONY fans will find little here in common with Keith's past efforts, a fact that only serves to validate his decision to embark on a solo career. A self-proclaimed "ballad king", Caputo offers up 12 songs that range in style from the up-beat "Honeycomb" to the depressingly sad "Brandy Duval" (an ode to Keith's late mother, who passed away from a heroin overdose), all of them showcasing the singer's dramatically improved vocals, which have never sounded as soulful or passionate as they do here.


Much like Chris Cornell's Euphoria Morning (an album that Died Laughing is stylistically most similar to), Keith Caputo's first solo release constitutes a brilliantly dark collection of infectiously memorable tunes that will remain with you long after you've finished listening to this CD.

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